Bean & Heyl Home Inspections, Inc.
Bean & Heyl Home Inspections, Inc.


Bean & Heyl Home Inspections, Inc. has one mission:  Educate our clients on any significant deficiencies in the major systems of a house or building.  With our knowledge and experience, you will know the condition of the home you have purchased. And our guarantee to you?  If you are dissatisfied with our service for any reason, we promise a full refund of the building inspection fee when notified within 48 hours after the inspection. You can't lose letting us inspect for you---Experience, Knowledge and a Guarantee!
Every Bean & Heyl home inspection is methodically undertaken with our clients in mind.  Our standard inspection includes evaluating visible structural components, roofing, electrical, and plumbing systems of the property. We also evaluate windows and doors, grading (near foundations), decks, guttering, siding, chimneys, walks, and driveways, among various other items. We can also perform general consultations (for specific problems or general concerns such as basement leakage, foundation cracks, etc.), termite inspections, and Radon testing.


We encourage you to follow us closely during the inspection and ask questions. We enjoy answering questions.  Whether you’re a first-time homeowner who needs to know the basics (like changing furnace filters), or you’re an experienced homeowner with considerable home knowledge, we will answer all your questions professionally and authoritatively.  Our home inspection process will definitely educate you about the property you are intending to purchase or sell.  We are proud of our years of experience, our knowledge base and our custom narrative style reports.  We aim to impress.

We vow never to perform home inspections as just another job.  Our clients, the homes purchased, and the given circumstances of the purchase, will vary considerably.  Therefore, allotting sufficient time for each inspection is crucial to provide you with the best inspection in the industry.  Bean & Heyl inspectors will never rush through a property. We know that some of our competitors will “perform” three or four inspections daily.  We won’t.  Undertaking that many inspections is a recipe for costly mistakes and frustrations that are unacceptable.  Our inspectors will take all the time needed (usually about three hours for an average sized home) to properly inspect the property and educate you, our client.  This means that we will perform a detailed inspection, answer all of your questions, and provide a quality narrative report.


Unlike most inspection companies, we do not believe in a generic checklist “report.”  Checklists are undoubtedly easier for building inspectors (significantly less time and effort than narratives), but making an inspector’s life easier is not the purpose of a building inspection.  If you want a cheap inspection for your home or building, we would encourage you to use one or our competitors. When our competitors hand you their inspection “report,” they’ll be done but your work has just begun.  You’ll spend hours deciphering pages of checked boxes and handwritten notes.  Experienced real estate professionals will agree that narrative reports are the best for the detail and interpretation.  With our inspection details that our competitors fail to give you, you will often be able to negotiate far more than the average cost of our services: In other words, our services will usually save you considerable money.  Our professional inspectors will provide a custom narrative report that is easily interpreted. The report is guaranteed to be available by the next working day, and most often delivered (e-mailed or faxed) within a few hours of the inspection.

Our goal is not to be the biggest inspection firm, but be the best. We know that our methods and professionalism in this industry are the keys to our success. Thank you for considering Bean & Heyl Home Inspections as your inspection company.  Our office hours are 7:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.  Contact us today with your questions or
use our easy on-line reservation form anytime to reserve or schedule an inspection. 


Many homes in the St. Louis area are built on clay soils that have amazing expansive and shrinkage characteristics from moisture gain or loss. During our hot and dry summers, even the deeper soils under our homes will contract, occasionally exacerbated by large trees (they abstract a tremendous amount of moisture from the shrinkable clay soils) causing a house to settle. At Bean & Heyl Home Inspections, Inc., we have observed that such settlement occurs several months after the harshest dry periods in St. Louis. Considering the drought conditions we have experienced during the past few months, if you observe new cracks in your home this fall or winter, don’t be too surprised. Most of the time, monitoring them is all that will be needed.  Still, if you have questions or concerns give us a call.  We'd be happy to evaluate the cracks for you.


Bean and Heyl is now part of Buyers Protection Group. Click here for more information about BPG.



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